New Parent Information

Below is an outline of how our club is run and what is expected of swimmers.

For new members, we also have a guide that may help with the understanding of ' What Happens Next '




Conditions of Acceptance


Atlantis Swimming Club, Horsham is a competitive swimming club and your child joins us to develop their ability to compete and should they wish, to participate in competitions.

It is important that all swimmers attend all training sessions available to their squad and that they compete in team galas and eligible open meets. As a parent you need to understand and support them with this commitment.

In order to ensure swimmers are trained to a level to enable them to compete successfully we operate a system of Squads. As swimmers progress they will be promoted through the squads in accordance with our published criteria and become eligible for more training, both on land and in the water.

Movements between squads may be made at any time by the Head Coach. Training times are shown on our website.

We recognise that not all swimmers will become competitive swimmers and for this reason we have a Club Squad for those wishing to swim for health and fitness.

Parents are invited to participate in the running of the club by joining the committee, sub committees or simply helping out when needed at our various competitive and social events.


Changing Facilities


A majority of swimmers use the changing facilities and either use a pay locker or keep their clothes in their bag. The club is not responsible for loss of property.

Changing rooms are used by the Public and your child's safety and behaviour in the changing rooms is your responsibility. Swimmers should not use the leisure pool at the Pavilions without making the necessary payment at reception.




Attendance is monitored and swimmers should arrive about 10 minutes before training starts. It is at the individual coach's discretion whether to admit latecomers and the club is not responsible for children who do not train due to late arrival.




Swimmers undertaking their trial and 4 taster swimming lessons will need a towel, swimming costume, drink, hat, and goggles.


Foundation Squad


  • Swimming costume
  • Swimming hat (preferably the club hat)
  • Goggles
  • Short fins
  • Pull buoy
  • Kick board
  • Bag
  • Drink

We recommend that you name all of your equipment to make it easier to identify your own things when so many swimmers have identical kit.

Other Squads

Your coach will let you know if there are additional training items that may be useful for you, which might include,

  • Paddles
  • Front snorkel
  • Foam roller for land training
  • Skipping rope for land training
  • Comfortable land training clothing such as shorts, tee-shirt & trainers

When competing

Black or club swimming costume, club T bag, club T shirt, black track suit bottoms and club hoodie


Club kit items can be purchased or ordered from the Help desk or via our internet site.


Notice Boards

We have notice boards at each pool which you should review for Club news.


Web Site

Our web site address is .



Club Championships

All swimmers who meet qualifying standard must enter the club championships.

An Open Meet or Gala

A swimming event where a parent pays a fee for their Swimmer to enter one or more races. As times achieved are recorded they will often play a significant part in assisting the selection of teams to represent the Club. No Swimmers under the age of 9 years can swim in an open meet. A Competition calendar is shown on the website and on notice boards.

Leagues/Club Competitions

The club competes in leagues and other competitions. Once a swimmer has achieved the necessary standard they may expect to be selected. Team lists are shown on the notice board normally 2 weeks in advance of the event. If a swimmer is unable to attend they should inform the Senior Coach or Team Coach immediately.


Amateur Swimming Association (ASA) Registration

All club members must be registered with the ASA. The club pays your ASA registration fee on your behalf on 1st March annually. If your child takes medication there is an additional form to complete.


Contacting us

Please email us. Alternatively contact your Squad Representative, or visit our help desk.


Pool Etiquette

A list of things swimmers need to know:




  • Take a quick shower before you swim - especially if you wear hair gels

  • Wear a swim cap     

  • Bring a drink with you. Sip it during rest periods. Thirst causes tiredness

  • Move to one side when you have finished a set to allow other swimmers to finish

  • If you are being overtaken, the swimmer behind will tap your feet/ankle.  Stop and move to the side and allow them to pass.  Rejoin the swim when there is a safe gap of about 5 metres

  • If you want to overtake, tap the preceding swimmer's foot/ankle and give them time to stop.

  • Ask questions - especially if you are not sure about something

  • Always check your direction. You should be swimming in the same direction as the swimmer on the other side of the lane rope. Mistakes can cause collisions and possible injury

  • Enjoy your training




  • Wear jewellery or watches when training

  • Come on poolside wearing street shoes

  • Jump or dive in to the water unless told to do so

  • Sit or stand on the diving blocks unless under supervision

  • Throw things - like kick-boards, pull buoys, etc

  • Dive off the blocks unless told specifically by the coach

  • Lean or sit on the lane ropes

  • Push off and stop. The swimmer behind you is likely to bump into you

  • Swim over the top of another swimmer     

  • Leave anything in the changing room or after training at poolside