25th January 2011

East Grinstead Swimming Club played hosts at Atlantis’ home pool for the Puffin Gala on Saturday. This swimming gala is aimed at less experienced swimmers and gives clubs the opportunity to introduce up and coming swimmers to the world of competitive team swimming.

The roof at the Pavilions was in danger of lifting for the second time after the much remembered storms some 5 years ago, from the noise generated by a packed house. 

90% of swimmers fielded by Atlantis had never competed in this type of arena before, competing against 7 other teams - East Grinstead, Mid Sussex Marlins, Beacon, Worthing, Bognor, Tanridge and Redhill & Reigate.  The Atlantis finished a creditable 4th out of 8.  

The atmosphere was highly charged from the beginning with a vocal set of supporters for all the clubs and loads of excitable swimmers poolside.  The Atlantis coaches’ intention was to use the meet to introduce swimmers to the competitive world and to have fun. The same could not be said for the swimmers who from the start made it clear that they were there to compete and compete strongly they did.

Coach Andy Lobley commented “Tonight is exactly why I am involved in this sport.  The age group coach Matt Cumber and I have been supported poolside on the night by senior club swimmers acting as team managers.  And we have had 37 swimmers tonight - most of whom have never swum in front of such a huge crowd before -  every single one of whom has swum fantastically. I was extremely impressed.  The future of our club looks bright. 

Senior Boys Club captain Cam Lambourne - one of 5 senior swimmers helping poolside in a Team Managers role for the first time - added “ I cannot believe how much hard work is involved in a night like this.  My legs are aching more than when I swim!  But what a great night and we loved being involved with this event. Our younger swimmers stepped up to the mark tonight and have done the club proud”

Atlantis have entered several more events like this one this season and look forward to the next event.



Further Information: Andy Lobley - 07510 710266