17th February 2010

Additional Pool Time

We have been in discussion with Horsham District Council (HDC) about obtaining additional pool time to support the growth of the Club.  I am delighted to be able to report that HDC has informed us they have been able to accommodate all of our requests. We have already implemented two additional morning sessions at the Pavilions on Thursday and Friday from 6.15 – 7.45 and moved the Wednesday morning session to a Tuesday morning (at the same times).  We have also secured an additional 4 lanes on a Sunday evening at the Pavilions from 18.00 – 19.00, immediately before the existing 8-lane session from 19.00 to 20.00. 

At Billingshurst we have secured an additional 2 hours during the week, which will allow us to have three two-hour blocs for the whole pool on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  The new times will be: Monday 17.30 – 19.30; Wednesday 18.30 – 20.30; Friday 17.30 – 19.30.  These new Billingshurst times will become effective from Monday 19th April, following the Italian Training Camp.

The website will be updated to reflect the new times and will set out the sessions each squad can attend.  If you are unsure please talk to your squad coaches.

On behalf of the Club I would like to thank Steve Hawker, Recreation Manager at HDC and Tim Bolton and his team at DC Leisure for the great efforts they have made to meet our needs – it is much appreciated. 

Billingshurst Bronze Squad

One consequence of the additional pool time at Billingshurst is that we will now be able to establish at Billingshurst a second Bronze Squad to add to the one we have based at the Pavilions.  This will allow the new swimmers we have recruited to the Penguins and Seals Squads at Billingshurst to have a pathway to continue to move “up the ladder” at the Club.  We intend to set up the new Bronze Squad from 19th April.  Swimmers invited to join this squad will be informed in due course.  The movement of swimmers into a new Bronze Squad will free up spaces to recruit new swimmers to the Billingshurst Penguins and Seals squads.  The Club will be launching a new recruitment drive to support this.  While clearly this will be focussed on swimmers in the Billingshurst area, it is also an opportunity for Horsham-based swimmers, who are on the waiting list for the Pavilions-based Penguins and Seals Squads, to join the Club and to start to get into competitive swimming.  

Appointment of New Team Manager

Paul Blyth has indicated that he feels the time is right for him to step down as Team Manager, following the Italy Camp in April. 

Paul has been our Team Manager for the last 3 years.  Looking forward, he will be able to focus all of his attention on achieving his Level 3 Coaching and developing the Bronze Squad, for whom is Lead Coach.  This role is a vital one as Bronze Squad represents the future of the Club.

I would like to place on record the Club’s huge appreciation of all the Paul has done to date: he has been a vital right arm to Bill and the success the Club has enjoyed over the last 3 years is in no small measure due to the contribution he has made.  I am delighted he will continue to be such a significant part of the team that will take the Club to the next level.

Paul’s successor as Team Manager will be Andy Lobley, who will combine this role with his role as Bill’s assistant with the Gold and Silver squads.

In recognition of the size of the Team Manager’s job it has also been decided to create for the first time an Assistant Team Manager.  I am delighted that one of our parents and Committee Members, Kathryn Hundleby, has agreed to take on this role.  Kathryn is already our database manager and combining these two roles makes a lot of sense given the importance of record-keeping to the Team Management role. 

The results of Kathryn’s work to date will soon be seen on the website, where we plan for swimmers and their parents to have direct access to more extensive personal swimming performance data. 

Andrew Dunlop