8th July 2017

Atlantis swimming club have been crowned Sussex League Champions for the first time in the club's history concluding this year’s competition undefeated in the top division in Sussex.

Both Atlantis A and B teams were victorious in the final round of this year’s competition. The B team consolidated their position in division 2 with a solid home victory against Lewis A and 1066 A. They were overall winners on the night scoring a superb 416 points placing them a commendable 4th place in division 2 in their first year of competition.

The Atlantis A Team went into the final undefeated, however it was going to be a tough proposition as Atlantis were swimming against the top seeded teams in Sussex, Mid Sussex Marlins and local rivals Crawley. The swimmers ranged in age from an under-12 age category to an open age group swimmers. If Atlantis stood any chance of being crowned Sussex Champions it was going to have to be a mighty team effort - every point would count - focus and determination were needed.

After the first ten events Atlantis were in an unfamiliar position, not at the top of the leader board. All of the swimmers knew exactly what was required from them, THEIR BEST!! The competition progressed with Atlantis showing some of their best swims this season and by the halfway point they nudged themselves into the lead. That was all that was needed, and with united encouragement from coaching staff and supporters, win followed win and by the penultimate event Atlantis had an unassailable lead.

Going into event 57, the 8 x 50m squadron relay, Atlantis had already secured enough points to win the competition, but that didn’t stop them achieving first place with a comfortable squadron win,  six seconds ahead of the second placed team.

The Atlantis team were elated scoring 384 points, nearly 50 points ahead of the second place team Crawley. Undefeated throughout the season and accumulating a massive 1240 points Atlantis were finally being crowned Sussex League Swimming Champions for the first time!

Head coach Andy Lobley added,

“I think it has to be said that last night was truly inspiring as a coach.

Fielding two teams for the first time in Sussex League was a major step forward for the club.

For BOTH teams to win their galas on the final round was awesome. The results from both galas represented a fantastic effort from everyone involved. It is easy at open meets for people to get fixated on times but it is brilliant fun to go to a gala where times mean nothing at all. It is about results and points and that is all that matters. Stood at the end of the lane and watching swimmers race to touch first or fifth is golden to me.

The victories last night were a team effort and we should all, when you see them, thank everyone who helped run the galas, worked poolside and cheered from the stands.

Atlantis gala team are now famous in Sussex for organising brilliant events and the emails going around sorting out who runs the electronics, who officiates, who does the drinks is really amazing and I thank from the bottom of my heart every volunteer who helps out.

Most of the coaches at Atlantis are volunteers who give up their time to coach swimming. They do it I am sure for the same reasons I do because they love to see young people developing life skills and becoming fit young individuals. Also very much like me they like to see progress and success and last night was just that. So a great big thanks to all our coaching team they do a sterling job, day in, day out and every one of them has played a major part in last night’s success.”