Swimmer Of The Month - Catch up

10th June 2017

Congratulations to all the following swimmers who have been awarded the Swimmer of The Month for various squads recently.

November 2016 - Herbie Miller

Herbie always listens to the coaches and has a big smile on his face when training, consistently tries his best and has made vast improvements in his strokes.

December 2016 - Michael Suart

Michael has improved a great deal over short space of time and shows determination and positive attitude in his training and towards his peers.

February 2017 - Tamsin Howe

Tamsin for continuous hard work, effort and dedication resulting in a massive improvement since joining Junior Development.

March 2017 - Mio Anderson

Mio has always been hard working, on time and friendly with the coaches. Always has a good attitude and has shown good improvements with his strokes! 

March 2017 - Stanley Miller

Stanley has worked really hard over the last few months and has improved hugely particularly on his fly. A delight to coach!

April 2017 - Mio Anderson

Although we had already given Mio an award last month, he was given SOTM again because he has continued to listen and really try to put in to practice important things like streamlining and doing tumble turns off the wall every time. He shows determination and a good attitude towards coaches and swimmers alike.

April 2017 - Emma Gant

Emma was awarded Swimmer of the Month because she has consistently worked hard, listened and tried to carry out the coaches main focus at each training session. Consequently she has made vast improvements over a short amount of time.

April 2017 - Devon Harwin

Devon has shown huge improvement in training and a good work ethic resulting in some awesome swims including a regional base time in the 50m fly. Well done Devon!