Tom Handley - Brighton Meet 10/11 th January

14th January 2015

Atlantis was represented at the annual Tom Handley meet in Brighton by a mix of swimmers from many squads . Two long days of competing saw some excellent swims , lots of really good PBs , several new County Qualifying Times and culminated with the Senior Girls Club Captain - Yasmin Hooker winning the 50m freestyle skins event.

The skins event is effectively a final of fastest 6 swimmers and then they race off with the loser being eliminated each time . Its exciting for the swimmers and spectators and a true test of a swimmers fitness and savvy . Yasmin qualified 4th fastest for the final but she swam very tactical races and her fitness saw her outswim and outwit her opponents to earn herself the cash prize.

Atlantis swimmers won a host of medals over the weekend and some of the swimmers securing some huge PBs - Gemma Cumber over 9 secs on her 200m breaststroke at 2.59sec , Aiden Sparling over 7secs on his 200 IM at 2.25sec, Hamish Milne-Skillman over 5secs on his 100m backstroke now at 1.05 sec, Isobel Hooker over 5 secs on her 200m freestyle at 2.29 , Matt Boyes over 7 secs on his 200m breaststroke now at 2.56s and Issy Hayes a 6 sec improvement on her 200m backstroke.

Overall a very good meet , just back after the seasonal break and everyone who attended took some positives out of their swims.