Volunteers are still needed.

14th April 2015

Every competitive swimming clubs needs its own officials and Atlantis is no different. Every gala we attend, we are required to provide several volunteer officials to help run the gala. These can be judges, timekeepers or referees. Our number of qualified officials has declined in recent times, as swimmers have grown up and moved on and their parents have no longer felt the need to volunteer. Hence, we urgently need a new group of volunteers to be mentored and trained for poolside duties. If we do not add to our existing numbers, then come next season, we may find we are refused entry to other clubs galas.

Ian Fulcher is working extremely hard trying to encourage more volunteers, and he has arranged a short course for all of those who wish to help and support the club. So, can you spare two hours or so to take the T/K, J1, J2 course? You will need to attend a short course, the cost of which will be covered by Atlantis. The date of the course is 28th November 2014 and runs from 6.30pm to 8.30pm at K2 in Crawley. This course is for new people and those who already have a workbook and want to progress and those J1s who want to progress to J2.

So please come forward and let Ian know of your interest.

Please contact Ian Fulcher - - 07429667255