Your Club is in Need!

1st October 2014

Every competitive swimming clubs needs its own officials and Atlantis is no different. Every gala we attend, we are required to provide several volunteer officials to help run the gala. These can be judges, timekeepers or referees. Our number of qualified officials has declined in recent times, as swimmers have grown up and moved on and their parents have no longer felt the need to volunteer. Hence, we urgently need a new group of volunteers to be mentored and trained for poolside duties. If we do not add to our existing numbers, then come next season, we may find we are not in a position to be able to enter other clubs' galas, as they may refuse our entries if we cannot provide enough officials.


Sadly, this is not something that you can just ignore in the hope that someone else will do it because they always do - well, they won't. This club relies heavily on parents of swimmers to get involved in the running and supporting of the club. This does not just mean paying the subs. We need parents to actively get involved. We cannot keep calling on the same people over and over again and expect them to keep producing for the club - it is not fair. We need to have several parents from each and every squad to put themselves forward and get involved in timekeeping or coaching, with the view to getting ASA qualified. It doesn't cost you any money and it is very rewarding.


Please consider getting involved, or at least have a chat with some of our existing officials and see if it is for you. There are so many advantages for you and your club, so please, email Ian Fulcher ( and tell him you want to get involved. This really is urgent and we really do need more officials and coaches, and soon!