Rose and Yaz all at sea!

28th July 2014

On Saturday 26th July, while the rest of the club was enjoying the delights of the Atlantis BBQ, Rose swam the South East Region and Sussex 5k championships at Eastbourne in the sea. Whilst conditions on the beach were perfect, with little wind and the sea temperature a warm 20 degrees, the tide was high and on the turn as the race started and the swim was very tough. It consisted of 4 x 1.25km circuits, although most swimmers swam well over 5km as they kept getting knocked and blown off course. Rose came home in a time of 1hr 35 minutes. Rose was delighted although exhausted after her first ever 5k swim as she achieved 3rd South East Regional Junior, 2nd Sussex championship Junior, 3rd Sussex championship open and 3rd age group.


Not content with this as part of the South East Region series, Rose returned to Eastbourne on Sunday with Yasmin Hooker to swim the 2k race. Although the swim was still on a high tide both swimmers posted great times for 3rd and 4th juniors. Rose and Yazmin also placed 3rd and 4th in the 14-16 year age group and 5th and 6th in the open age group. Both Atlantis swimmers are placed in the top 5 of the South East Region junior open water series so far with two more 2k swims to go at the end of August and beginning of September in Dover and Portsmouth.