Gala report contributions wanted.

2nd January 2014

As we move in to 2014, your website editor is looking to enhance the reports from all the galas we visit throughout the year to compliment the new look website. I am sure you all enjoy reading the reports, but equally, I am sure there are some occasions when you think certain achievements or performances are not reported or overlooked. The coaches do a great job reporting back after each gala, but it would be great to get some more input into the reports from parents who watch the events from the gallery. It is great to read about all our medalists and improvers, but it would be even better to get some more perspective for the reports that we post on the website and send to the local newspapers. So, if there are any parents who feel they could spend a little time putting together 'a view from the gallery' whilst they spend the day watching the days racing, please email your observations to me at Bringing together several views along with the poolside coaches report, I think, will make for a much more interesting read, and will also elevate our profile within the local press. Please, even if it is just a few sentences. It is surprising what some see from the spectators area that can be missed from the poolside.