Atlantis keep abreast for the Nationals

13th June 2013

Atlantis had another stunning weekend for our swimmers in the concluding events of South East Regional Championships.

Lily Davis secured her second national time of the season in the 200 breaststroke, giving Atlantis 9 national times from 4 swimmers this year. This is a great achievement for the club and well done to everyone involved.

Kate Windle and Eleanor Morris both came agonizingly close to adding to the tally in the breaststroke for Kate and the freestyle for Eleanor.

At the end of the event Kate Windle was presented with her trophy for finishing 6th in the Bagcat awards. Given the level of competition in her age group, to finish as high up as she did is testament to her commitment and her training ethos.

We are delighted with the performances of all our swimmers this year at the regionals and congratulations to everyone who took part.


 Kate Windle, poolside at K2 with her Bagcat award.