Our delivery from Tesco arrives!

5th September 2012

Last Thursday Atlantis took delivery of the items secured through the Tesco Voucher scheme that so many of you contributed to.

We would like to say a huge thanks to everyone who collected vouchers allowing us to obtain so many items.

We selected items that can be mainly used by everyone in the club in the next few years.

We have a full rounders kit, volleyballs, handballs, markers for pitches, different coloured vests all of which will allow us to organise team games at various stages of the year.

Some of the items like the traffic cones you should expect to see poolside in the near future as they are used by coaches to mark certain distances in the pool for swimmers to work to.

A few of the items will be used by the Land Training group but most of the equipment is there for everyone to make use of.

With summer drawing to a close ( although currently better now than most of the summer) the club plans to arrange some team building events in the park on Saturday mornings.

Deputy Head Coach Andy Lobley is looking to the senior swimmers to arrange a 5 a side mixed gender football and rounders tournament before the winter sets in so keep an eye out for more details on that.

Once again a big thank you to everyone and we are confident all swimmers will get use from the equipment during the swimming season

If any parents feel they would like to arrange a game of rounders/ volleyball etc please contact Andy Lobley on