Atlantis team come close to upsetting home team.

1st July 2012

Dorking Swimming Club held their invitational gala on 30th June , which they win every year !  The other teams competing were Tonbridge, Sutton&Cheam and Sutton Atlantis.

We took a team of Under 11's , Under 13's and Under 15's which was a combination of experience and novices , knowing that as the gala was a speed limiting one , the swimmers could not do their favourite strokes, and had to compete in races they wouldnt normally choose to do. They all took this in the spirit of fun, and as we tend to do at Atlantis, we went for it ...

We were joint first with Dorking after 30 events with the swimmers really getting into the spirit of it and everyone giving it all . We had 7 relay events left but Dorking were too strong in the end and after we were adjudged to have gone early on a takeover when we had won the race( it was perfect in my view ) - then we couldnt make it up . It was a fantastic effort from the team and they should be really proud of themselves.

Final points total - Dorking 131 , Atlantis 118 , Sutton&Cheam 108 , Sutton Atlantis 80 , Tonbridge 51 .

The Atlantis squad:

Girls: Abigail Williams, Jessica Street, Holly Porter, Freya Fulcher, Anya Elvin, Gemma Cumber, Gabby Eltham, Katie Philps, Laura Philps, Natasha Golding, Bethany Cane and Lily Davis.

Boys: Cameron Holden-Graham, Michael Tranter, Toby Van Der Hut, Joe Brydon, Aiden Sparling, Michael White, Liam Smith, Ben Coole, Nick Baillie, Wes Scott, Dan Brydon and Ralph Hawkins.

Thanks to all the parents who brought their swimmers and cheering from the spectator area ..yes Mrs Porter we could all hear you .. and to the Van Der Huts for timekeeping , and Matt Fulcher for helping poolside , the gala wouldn't happen without you, so well done all .