A long way to go for a croissant!

21st June 2012

Last week, Tracey took on the challenge of riding from London to Paris (310 miles!!) in 4 days, accompanied by about 80 fellow riders! Not only did she complete the task, they also raised over 4000 for charity in the process. Tracey's chosen charities were St Catherine's and Chestnut Tree Hospices. Amazing, and well done Tracey!! We are sure Yazzer and Izzy are very proud of their Mum!

Here is Tracey's account of the event:

We set off from Blackheath Common at 7am on Wed 13 June and made our way through London and in to Kent, fixing our first puncture half way down Shooters Hill, about 2.5 miles in to the ride. We arrived at Dover about 3.30pm having cycled 82 miles where we caught the ferry across to Calais. There were a total of 80 cyclists in the group all raising money for various causes. Day 1 was a beautiful day with some cloudy moments but everyone managed to arrive at Dover with quite a glow, but only on one side.

Day 2 started with lovely blue skies and sunshine at 7.30am when we set off for Arras. We made our way through some pretty French farming villages but unfortunately we did not have much time to stop in any of them. Whilst sunny, day 2 was very windy and we always seemed to be heading in to the wind, particularly when we went up a hill of which there were many. Another 80 very tough miles and we had made it to our hotel in Arras at 6.30pm after 11 hours on the road.

Day 3 started wet and was still very windy and yet more hills, (someone told me France was flat). The sun did come out amongst the showers which were quite nice to soothe everyone's sunburn. We arrived in Compeigne a little earlier at 5.30pm but had still covered another 78 miles. We were woken even earlier on Day 4 at 6am and we were all eager to get started on the last leg of 60 miles to arrive in Paris. I never thought I would say it will be a lot easier today it is only 60 miles. More heavy showers and cloudy skies and yet more hills but this was the final leg, the finishing straight and it seemed to go quite quickly. We met at a park in central Paris which was quite a challenge to find and get to through the french traffic. Then we cycled as a group up the Champs Elysees and around the Arc De Triumph, which was very scary. At one roundabout there were 7 lanes of traffic facing me waiting to move on to the roundabout. We all arrived at the Eiffel Tower at 3.30pm and were welcomed by many friends and relatives, it was amazing, we had cycled a total of 310 miles in 4 days.