18th September 2011


Watch new material in the Members’ Area of the Website

This season the Club hopes to extend the material available in the Members’ Area of the website.

In addition to the discussion forums and the data on swimmers’ best times and improvements, we also include from time to time club videos of league galas and open meets.  This season we intend to extend this feature by including filmed interviews with swimmers and coaches.

To kick off the season, we are showing a three-part interview with Head Coach Bill Penny in which he discusses his aspirations for the season, what he sees as the next steps in developing the Club’s training programme, his coaching philosophy, the Olympics and his trip to New Zealand for the rugby World Cup.

So if you have already signed on for the Members’ Area go to the links provided to hear and see what Bill has to say.  And if you  haven’t signed on yet, why not do so?  It doesn’t cost you anything!

Happy viewing!

Andrew Dunlop, Club Chairman