County Relay Gala - Apology

8th September 2011


Thursday 8 September


County Relay Gala


I would like to apologise to swimmers, coaches and supporters who were disappointed by some aspect of the Relay Gala last Sunday.


Some aspects of the event did not run as well as they should have done and for some people, particularly in the first session, this spoiled what should have been a fun and enjoyable event.


The problems came from a number of directions, including;


  • The failure of our IT systems which caused the start  to be delayed;


  • Clubs not notifying team withdrawals in time to allow all lanes to be filled; 


  • A very high entry which caused crowding on the pool side and overcrowding in the balcony; and;


  • A shortage of volunteers in some essential areas.



The County Swimming Committee met last night to discuss how these problems might be avoided in the future and resolved to make some changes for future events, these included;


  • Finding an alternative venue with improved parking and spectator facilities;


  • Changing the way that teams should manage their entries, and;


  • Trying to recruit more volunteers, particularly in non technical roles;



I hope that if you did not completely enjoy the event on Sunday you will not be put off from supporting your club at future events. If you would like to get involved with our sport as a volunteer, either as a judge or in a non technical capacity, please do not hesitate to contact your club for more information.



Thank you for supporting swimming.



Brian DeVal


County President