Learning Zone

Atlantis is a club committed to developing the skills of swimmers, coaches and other volunteers alike.

Stamina, fitness, mental preparedness and concentration, as well as great technique are all part of developing successful swimmers.

Browse through the following pages and see what awards you can gain to recognise improved techniques, read Chief Coach Bill Penny's Tips and Advice that have been built-up during a lifetime in swimming, take a look at the Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) handbook that explains how to work towards the top by taking a 10-year view of your training and competition, or just simply take a look at the range of books and videos we can give you access to, which will help you improve your skills.  

If you are a parent or a former swimmer with the club and would like to get involved in coaching, team management, poolside help or as a judge or time-keeper at galas, we can help you find the right course and achieve the right qualifications.