ATLANTIS Level 3 Summer Splash

29th June 2019

Please note, this entry system is for ATLANTIS swimmers ONLY.  For any other clubs please click HERE for entry information.


Level 3 licensed Summer Splash Open Meet. License 3SE190352

Venue:    Pavilions in the Park, Horsham.  RH12 2DF

Age Groups:   9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16+

Events:  All events are heat declared winners.


  • 50m, 100m, 200m All Stokes
  • 100m, 200m, 400m IM
  • 400m Freestyle

Awards:  Medals to 1st, 2nd and 3rd places, ribbons to 4th, 5th and 6th places.    There will a trophy for top boy and top girl.   Event results will be displayed poolside and in the spectator area.


  • 50m, 100m, 200m,  events £6 each
  • 400m events £9 each

Confirmed session timings:    confirmed.

  Sat 29th June   Sun 30th June  
sessions 1 2 3 4
events. 1-9 10-16 17-25 26-32
warm up 0800 1215 0800 1215
start 0900 1315 0900 1315
finish 1200 1530 1200 1530



Spectator Fee:  £5 per session (or £9 all day, each day)


Only a small bag will be permitted poolside. Swimmers must use the lockers provided for their large kit bags. These require a £1 coin to operate which is refundable on releasing the locker. Personal possessions and articles should not be left unattended, ensure your locker key is kept safely – the promoters do not accept responsibility for any property. To avoid congestion only one deckchair per club. Please do not block the fire exits or air vents with bags or possessions

Access to poolside will at all times be limited to swimmers, coaches in possession of a valid coaches pass, meet officials and other personnel necessary for the safe running of the meet. Due to the hazard of wet, tiled steps, there will be NO DIRECT access allowed from poolside to spectator areas.

As the centre will be open to the general public, all swimmers should wear suitable clothing and footwear when not on poolside and use the changing rooms provided

Photography – Participants and spectators are requested to follow the Swim England guidelines for photography and the use of photos on social media (see Swim England Wavepower). Those who wish to take photographic or video images are requested to focus on their own child as much as possible and to avoid including other children in those images. Use of any camera or mobile phone with an image capturing facility is prohibited in the changing areas. No flash photography permitted at the start of each race. Should you have any concerns about photography or filming please bring them to the attention of the promoter.

Official Photographers will be invited to be in attendance to take photos of the competitors which will be available for purchase on the day. Your consent for your swimmer(s) to be photographed is deemed to have been given by the submission of your entries to Atlantis Swimming Club.

Car Parking:  We will have car parking available in Collyers car park, £4 for the whole day, on a first come first served basis.  Sunday all local car parks are £1.50 for the day.

Mobile phones & Computer devices - Please switch to silent during the actual competition to avoid disrupting the starts.



Team List Atlantis - updated 21/5/19



  1. Eloise Allen
  2. Mio Andersson
  3. Tuva andersson
  4. Tessene Arezki
  5. Archie Batten
  6. Romilly Bladd-Symms
  7. Nelson Bowlby
  8. Billy Brigden
  9. Aimee Britton-Docker
  10. Jasmine Cartwright
  11. Saffron Cartwright
  12. Isabelle Coles
  13. Oliver Colombo
  14. Jemima Constantinou
  15. Joshua Davidson
  16. Amber Davies
  17. Thomas Drayton
  18. Freya Edwards
  19. Oliver Etheridge
  20. William Etheridge
  21. Carys Evans
  22. Holly Filson
  23. Ryan Gant
  24. Luke Gausden
  25. Isabella Gilford
  26. Leo Glass
  27. Jessica Glassford
  28. Eve Goggin
  29. Emma Harrison
  30. Devon Harwin
  31. Bruno Haskell
  32. Melissa HIll
  33. Freya Hooker
  34. Tamsin Howe
  35. Charlotte Humphreys
  36. Olivia Jack
  37. Alex Lafferty
  38. Hannah Lafferty
  39. Jeremy Lee
  40. Olivia Lee
  41. Jack Legg
  42. Meredith Lewis
  43. Abbie Lloyd
  44. Emma MacLaclan
  45. Kathryn McNish
  46. Herbie Miller
  47. Stanley Miller
  48. Lene Nieuwoudt
  49. Oscar Nieuwoudt
  50. Luke Nixon
  51. Michael Pallister
  52. Sophie Parker-Smith
  53. Harry Pawsey
  54. Isobel Pawsey
  55. Bella Payne
  56. Aleena Phromia
  57. Alina Pillings
  58. Evie Roberts
  59. Rose Roberts
  60. Sophie Rodwell
  61. jack Rogers
  62. Isabella Sawyer
  63. Willoe Standing
  64. Mia Stebbings
  65. Celisia Stoner
  66. Kristof Szekely
  67. Warren Tait
  68. Ethan Turner
  69. Anna Templar
  70. Mia Tikvicki -Lee
  71. Matia Tikvicki-Lee
  72. Grace Trodd
  73. Natalie Tyler
  74. Sofia Velasco
  75. Valentina Velasco
  76. Henry Watts
  77. Alexandra Wilkie
  78. Finn Wilkie
  79. Joe Wilkie
  80. Maeve Weatherill
  81. Lynsey Wright


Closing date for entries: 1st January 1970