Crawley Spring Level 1 Open Meet -long course

8th April 2018

Crawley Swimming Club, Level 1 meet,  no. 1SE180013 to be held on the 6th, 7th and 8th April, 2018 - long course gala.

Venue:   K2, Pease Pottage Hill, Crawley, RH11 9BQ

Age groups:  9, 10, 11, 12 , 13, 14, 15, 16+.    Age as at 8th April, 2018.

 Awards:    Awards will be given in the above age grouups placed 1st - 3rd.

Entry Fee:   

  • £6 for 50m, 100m, 200m events.  
  • £8 for 400m events 
  • £12 for 800m and 1500m events 
  • £3 coach contribution

Long course entry times should be submitted, conversions are acceptable.   

How to do a Short course to long course conversion:

Atlantis Website, links, at the very bottom is the pullbuoy time conversion,  When converting times please use the ASA tables. (link below)


  • 1500m and 800m Freestyle
  • 400m Freestyle and IM
  • 200m IM
  • 50m, 100m, 200m Back, Free, Breast and Freestyle


The 800m Freestyle is restricted to 6 heats, 1500m Freestyle is restricted to 5 heats.   The 400m Freestyle for girls/boys may be restricted to 5 heats and the 400m IM may be restricted to 4 heats, therefore acceptance can not be guaranteed.

*********Swimmers will need to sign in before each warm up ********



ACCEPTED ENTRIES - Crawley 2018 - all clubs

REMINDERS - Crawley Spring Open Meet


Please be aware that if you are competing in Session 1, you will need to sign in poolside.  Sign in poolside by 7.50am for the 400m events in Session 2 and by 7.35am for the 400m events in session 5 on Sunday morning.   

If you need to withdraw before the day please send an email to not directly to Crawley as it says on the bottom of the warm up sheet - thank you.


Please be advised only a small drawstring bag will be allowed poolside.  Oversized bags must be placed in a locker (£1 coin, returnable)

Spectator Fee:

  • £3   per session, £7 per day plus £2 per programme.  (children free).  All adult spectators are required to wear appropriate coloured wristbands for each session.  Anyone NOT wearing the wristbands may be refused re-entry.


Entries as at 22.1.18

  1. Hamish Milne-Skillman
  2. Deba Osague
  3. Oliver Etheridge
  4. Willoe Standing
  5. Toby Van der Hut
  6. Zoe Cawsey
  7. Kiran Sandhu
  8. Sofia Velasco
  9. Valentina Velasco
  10. Aimee Britton-Docker
  11. Tamsin Howe
  12. Jeremy Lee
  13. Matt Boyes
  14. Emma Harrison
  15. Jessica Glassford
  16. Devon Harwin
  17. Oliver Colombo
  18. Michael Pallister
  19. Amelia Wright
  20. Max Windle
  21. Kate Windle
  22. Alexa Spicer
  23. Isabelle Spicer
  24. Rebecca Barber
  25. Anna Sayers
  26. Eleanor Morris
  27. Freya Fulcher
  28. Luke Gausden
  29. Jacob Davis
  30. Lily Davis
  31. Jared De Klerk
  32. Daryan De Klerk
  33. Issy Hayes
  34. Bella Payne
  35. Tessene Arezki
  36. Jamie Smith
  37. Amber Ranson
  38. Henry Watts
  39. Ryan Gant
  40. Amber Davies.
  41. Millie Weeden.


Closing date for entries: 7th February 2018