Team Bath Autumn Level 1 & 3 Open Meet. Long course - 50M pool with 10 lanes.

17th November 2017

This gala is for County, Youth, Regional and National Squads and although still in the early stages, it is being planned as a weekend for swimmers from the senior squads to travel and stay together with only the coaching team.  It is hoped that this will be a good grounding for being more independent as young adults and as swimmers at a competitive level. More details to follow once an idea of numbers has been ascertained.  Please can you enter by 10th September in order for Andy to carry this plan forward.  Times from upcoming galas will be added as results are received and before the entries are sent to Bath.  As with all galas once entries are sent we will be unable to update entry times.


All events will be swum in combined age groups seeded on entry times.  Submitted entries must be in accordance with attached qualifying times.  It is the responsibilty of all swimmers/parents and coaches to enter correct times as a random check will be done on the rankings database to check validity.  Entry times should be long course times.  Short course conversions to Long course made using ASA tables will be accepted.


As with any gala there is a huge amount of work to ensure the smooth running on the day, if you hold an officials qualification and are happy to volunteer over the weekend, please email  All participating officials will be provided with refreshments.



Venue:  Hengrove Leisure Park, The Boulevard, Hengrove Park, Bristol, BS14 0DE

Age Groups:

  • 9yrs/10yrs/11yrs/12yrs/13yrs/14yrs/15yrs/16yrs/17yr+
  • Age as at 19th November 2017


  • 50m/100m/200m - 9yrs/Over
  • 400m events - 10yrs/Over
  • 800m/1500m events - 11yrs/Over


  • £7 per event
  • £12 for 800m/1500m events (including spectator entry)


  • Youth
  • County
  • Regional
  • National




Swimmers' times dictate as to whether to enter the Level 1 events or the Level 3 events.  eg.  if a 10 year old girl has a time of 40.50 for 50 Free she would be Level 3;  if her time was 39.50 she would be Level 1.  All events are run one after the other so don't worry too much about it, we will sort it out.

N.B.  Swimmers can enter a mixture of Level 1 and Level 3 events.

Entries at 15/9/17

  1. Toby Van der Hut
  2. Amelia Wright
  3. Hamish Milne-Skillman
  4. Mia Tikvicki-Lee
  5. Melissa Hill
  6. Olivia Round Pitman
  7. Freya Hooker
  8. Sam Clarke
  9. Archie Batten
  10. Ryan Gant
  11. Jessica Glassford
  12. Millie Weeden
  13. Emma Harrison
  14. Rebecca Barber
  15. Billy Brigden
  16. Jeremy Lee
  17. Matt Boyes
  18. George Haskell
  19. Daryan De Klerk
  20. Anna Templar
  21. Anna Sayers
  22. Daniel Jones
  23. Anya Elvin
  24. Alex Lafferty
  25. Isabelle Spicer
  26. Ralf Georgeson
  27. Luke Gausden
  28. Tamsin Howe
  29. Jacob Davis
  30. Lily Davis
  31. Emma Morris
  32. Valentin Velasco
  33. Sofia Velasco
  34. Hannah Vermaak
  35. Zoe Cawsey
  36. Amber Ranson


Closing date for entries: 1st October 2017