Galas Explained

Guide To Galas And Open Meets

Type of Gala/Meet Entry Requirements Time/Duration
Sussex County ASA Individual Entry All day [2 - 3 sessions]
Open Meets Individual Entry All day [2 -3 sessions]
Sussex League Gala Team Entry Evening
Trophy/Named Galas Team Entry Evening
Own Club Events Team Entry / Individual Entry As Required


To participate in competitive events all swimmers must be registered with the ASA (Amateur Swimming Association) and be a member of an ASA affiliated competitive club. The category of registration within the ASA depends on the swimmer's intentions for example you must be a full member to swim in Open Meets and County events.

Team Entry

  • Team Managers/Coaches will enter the best available team.
  • A full team will consist of both boys and girls of all age groups.
  • A list will be posted on the notice board in advance of the event to ascertain swimmers' availability.
  • All swimmers are expected to swim if they are asked.
  • Swimmers will be expected to swim in both individual and team events.
  • The number of swims a swimmer gets will vary.
  • Changes can and will be made by the team manager right up to the last minute.
  • There are no individual prizes - sometimes the event may be swum for a team trophy.
  • The Sussex league consists of most clubs within Sussex split into two divisions - we are in the second division.

Please see the Team gala guidelines for further information on what is expected at these events

Individual Entry

  • Competitors put themselves forward for these choosing which event they wish to enter.
  • Details of these events will be advertised on the notice board and in the newsletter.
  • Swimmers need to complete an entry form and pay the required entry fee. Please speak to coach if you are unsure of eligibility.
  • Entry cards will be given to each swimmer.
  • The cards must be taken and posted by the swimmer in the appropriate box immediately before the beginning of the event
  • To enter an 'A grade' meet swimmers must have bettered the consideration time within the last year.
  • To enter a 'B grade' meet swimmers must NOT have swum faster than the consideration time.
  • In a B grade meet if a swimmer swims faster than the consideration time they may be given a speeding ticket and will not be eligible for a medal.
  • Each event will be divided into heats. The winner is decided either on times (Heat Declared Winner) or a final when the fastest 6 or 8 competitors will swim off for places. Medals are usually awarded at these events, for either the top six or eight swimmers

Please see the Individual Gala guidelines for further information on what is expected at these events