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swim21 club Essential

I am delighted to inform All members of Atlantis swimming club that  for the seventh year in succession we have been awarded the Swim 21 club essential certificate by the Club Development Management Group (CDMG, formerly the National Panel) on the 9th December 2015.
The Management group recognised the hard work of all concerned in achieving the ASA's quality mark for clubs.
Copies of our certificate are being displayed at all of our 3 pools. Our accreditation lasts for one year, and our annual health check is due to be renewed on 7th December 2016.
Brian Elkins 
Swim 21 Co-ordinator
for Atlantis SC


What is swim21 club Essential?

The club has to submit an online health check for swim21 club Essential on an annual basis and has to be approved by the ASA Regional panel usually in October/November, followed by submitting to the ASA National panel in November/December.

swim21 club Essential is the club development model, a planning tool based on the principles of Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD). Enabling clubs to achieve their full potential, it focuses particularly on the need of the athlete (swimmer) striving to provide the best possible support environment.

swim21 club Essential is not just endorsed by the ASA, but also by Sport England. swim21 club Essential accreditation includes the Sport England Club Mark, a kite mark set across all sports.

Atlantis SC are positioned in the Skill Development category, where the swimmers develop their technical skills within a quality programme of coaching and competition, supported by sound governance.




What are the benefits of being a member of a swim21 club?

  • The club is implementing the Child Protection Policy and their Coaches/Teachers and Volunteers have been CRB checked in line with National guidance,
  • The clubs Coaches/Teachers and Volunteers are appropriately Qualified and access continuous professional development to ensure they are up to date with current teaching and coaching principles/methods,
  • The club is accessing sufficient pool time to ensure swimmers are able to develop in line with the Long Term Athlete Development model. For more information please visit www.britishswimming.org,


Atlantis SC is pro-active in developing a swimmer pathway to ensure swimmers can continue to progress and develop. The club now has more opportunities to access additional funding through the ASA, Sport England and other agencies.

The SSK Network (Surrey, Sussex and Kent) has gained swim21 club Network status after approval from the ASA National Panel on the 31st March 2015.

This SSK Network accreditation covers 10 clubs from across the counties of Surrey, Sussex and Kent and Atlantis Swimming Club are proud to be a member of this elite group.

The aim is to quality assure clubs who work collaboratively to deliver the athlete pathway in their area and to ensure that athletes meet their potential and are retained in the sport.

It will assist in identifying gaps in provision and opportunities available for clubs to increase and sustain membership.

Each club in the Network will be valued for their role. It has been agreed between accredited clubs to work towards the following objectives:-

1. To retain and increase ASA Club members

2. To retain and increase Volunteers/Teachers, Coaches and Officials.

3. To raise the standards of performance across appropriate aquatic disciplines


Currently the Network is developing plans for long course preparation days for National Qualifiers and various development camps for all level of swimmers within the SSK Network.

Brian Elkins
Swim 21 Co-ordinator,
For Atlantis SC Horsham

Reviewed June 2015