Job Vacancies

Now that the new season is well under way, the club's coaches, committee and gala team are hard at work preparing themselves and the swimmers for all the events that are coming up. There is much to do, and with the ever increasing size of the club, along with the departure of several volunteers, it is becoming apparent that we will be looking for additional help in a few areas. We are also planning to introduce some new roles which we will also be hoping for some enthusiastic volunteers, so please have a look at the roles below, and perhaps consider whether you would like to get involved - it is very rewarding!

Trainee Coach:

With the loss of a couple of our coaches, and with the constant increase in pool time, we are looking for some more volunteer coaches. We will soon be announcing a date (probably a Thursday evening) where any interested members can spend an hour or so poolside with one of our coaches, so they can see what is involved. There would be no commitment at that stage, it is just an opportunity for anyone to see if it is something that might appeal to them. If so, they would then be offered the chance to progress their interest with the full support of the club. Please contact Andy Lobley ( if you would like some more information.

Team Managers:

Despite sounding very grand, this is a simple role that may well appeal to many parents. The role basically involves assisting the coaches during galas and competitions and being an additional point of contact for the swimmers during the competitions. For example, at all day galas, we may want to set up an area away from poolside, for the swimmers to relax whilst waiting to compete - this would be marshalled by the Team Managers. We can't have too many of these, and to qualify, any volunteers would only have to attend a single morning course, which is free. The hope is that if we can get several Mums and Dads qualified, the 'work' can be shared at each gala.

Gala Team Members:

Our galas have become, arguably, the best in the South, and we want to keep it that way! We currently have a great team of volunteers helping with the various roles at our own galas, but the more volunteers we have available at each gala, the more the work can be spread, so if you want to help, even if only for a few hours, it will be greatly appreciated. It is very rewarding and we always ensure you will be able to see your children swim.

Committee Member:

The club's committee is always appreciative of new members. The committee meets once a month (usually on a Wednesday evening) for a couple of hours, to discuss and debate everything and anything to do with the club. It is always better if there are members from all squads and venues present on the committee, and there is always a spare chair. Why not get involved and help in the running of your club?

To express your interest (without commitment) or for more information on any of these roles please send an email to the club (

Thank you for considering sparing some time to help our club continue to be the best swimming club in the South!